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133 Centre Avenue, Topton, PA

Ray A. Master Post 217


Name: This Corporation shall be known as:




A Non-Profit Corporation, Incorporated on September 9, 1936


The Corporation shall meet on the third Monday of each month.

PURPOSE: The purpose for which this Corporation was formed is to

establish and maintain a club for the social enjoyment of its members.

It is a Corporation that does not contemplate pecuniary profit,

incidental or otherwise, to its members.



(2016 - 2018)

President: Brandon DALIA

  Vice President: Rich BRYAN

Secretary: Roy GEHRIS

Treasurer: Brandon HESS




      Frank STEINHOFER - 1 years

Mike WEIDMAN - 2 years

Bill GEHMAN - 3 year 



Shelley ZIMMERMAN   



are composed of the Officers and the Trustees.


The Term of Office of all Officers shall be 2 years,

the Trustees term will be three years, 1 to be elected each year.




Sect. 1: The membership of this organization shall be confined

to individuals no less than twenty-one years of age.


There shall be three classes of membership as follows:


A. Active Membership:  Active members, male and female,

shall be Legionaires in good standing of American Legion, 

Ray A. Master, Post 217. 

Only active members shall have the right to hold office,

vote and manage the affairs of this corporation.


B. Affliate Membership:  Active members, male and female,

shall be members in good standing of Ray A. Master 

Post 217 Auxiliary or Sons of the Legion and be 

no less than 21 years of age


C. Social Membership:  Any individual person of good moral

character  who is at least twenty-one years of age

shall be eligible for membership as a social member in

this corporation. Without the right to vote,

participate in management of the affairs of this 

corporation or hold office.


ALL applications for membership shall be made in writing,

investigatedand shall be voted upon at two regular meetings.



The yearly dues for members shall be set at a regular monthly meeting held in June to be payable on or before October  20 for the next year.


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